Market Intelligence

Market intelligence services will facilitate our customers determine the correct contacts at the correct accounts.

Lead Generation

Every organization depends on prospective customers and this dependence is basically our area to fill it up.

Account Profiling

Account identification uses a mix of on-line and telephone analysis techniques to collect your required account intelligence.

Our Journey

Kick Off

We started our journey with the prime aim to customise marketing and focussed on keeping it insights-driven and research-proven.

Digital Inclination

We bought in a new growth spurt by making our business totally digitally-driven.

Customized Marketing

We found the marketing scenario lacking a lot of in-depth customer insights. Hence, we started building marketing solutions based on the need of the audience and client.

New Boundaries

We captured new boundaries by presenting and bringing ABM to our client in an innovative and technology centric method.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Our market intelligence, account profiling, lead generation and promotional activities are customized after intelligence mapping of relevant customer insights.

Content Enhancement

Our content enhancement strategy evolves around harnessing key factors for a narrowed down audience and hence leading to optimized audience segmentation.


  • Logixplus Consulting Global, LLC is on its journey to implement Lead Generation and Business Acceleration programs worldwide covering the total spectrum of B2B technology
  • Our customers vary from giant multinationals to tiny software corporations trying to enter new markets
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