Success in lead generation requires us to gain an understanding of each buyer’s needs and then help facilitate their decision making process. Doing so requires insight into what a buyer is interested in, how interested they are, and the stage of the buying process they’re in. Events can play an extremely valuable role in the demand gen process.

Events, such as user conferences, seminars, tradeshows, and road shows, offer opportunities for organizations to capture deep and meaningful information about prospects in a short period of time. Today’s event technology is helping companies capitalize on this attendee data by capturing it and feeding it into marketing automation and CRM platforms where it can become valuable intelligence to help sales and marketing improve their demand gen results.

Telephone based mostly program drives registration for your coming event, webinar or user conference. we will target your put in base, named accounts, prospects or customers – using your list or allow us to build a custom B2B contact list with optional Contact Discovery.

We offer you complete and comprehensive solutions for your conferences, seminars, webinars and alternative events. All formalities right from invite until event registration is taken care of.

This service provides secured registrations and additionally includes:

Pricing based on actual registrations, you pay just for results

Personal, live invitations by phone

Results reportable in real time

Requests for info consummated via email

Courtesy event reminder calls

Quick turn around – the ramp time to kick off a project is about two business days


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